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Maximizing Efficiency: Roof Mount Industrial Exhaust Fans in Bangladesh 

Maximizing Efficiency: Roof Mount Industrial Exhaust Fans in Bangladesh 

At a time when environmental challenges in Bangladesh are surging every day, it is imperative to keep up with it, especially in large industrial areas where large volumes of toxic, heated-up air need to be ventilated out for health safety.

This is where roof mount industrial exhaust fans come to great use as they help to mitigate such problems. Here are a few ways they can be used to maximize efficiency:


A roof mounted industrial exhaust fan is typically made using strong wind blades and motors that run on horsepower (HP). Thanks to innovation, they can be customized according to the roof cavity or space. 

These wind blades range in sizes measured in inches, allowing efficient adaptation according to your needs. 

Also depending on the size of the fan, the motors are fitted accordingly as they run on high horsepower- the Roof Mounted Industrial Exhaust Fans of Seraphic Associate provides a good combination of quality wind blades and motors for optimal performance. 

Features and Design 

Roof mount industrial exhaust fans have a modern shape and design that provides a great surface area, increasing efficiency. 

They are designed to allow the smooth movement of huge volumes of air that gets heated up quickly, dust, toxic fumes, and vapors. 

Its innovative design maximizes airflow, simultaneously reducing fan noise, just like Seraphic’s Roof Mounted Industrial Exhaust Fans.


These exhaust fans are primarily used for ventilation in industrial areas, such as factories, chemical factories, industrial kitchens, etc. Not only that, they are also used for suctioning, cooling, and pressuring air out of the premises into the atmosphere. Additionally, they help to prevent machinery and equipment from overheating and maintain healthy air quality throughout the premises.

The exhausted air is channeled out through the ventilating columns. Different roof spaces require different shapes or models of exhaust fans, which in turn requires funneling the air properly and safely. 

This customization makes it more efficient as there are fewer wasted spaces and the heated airflow can be managed too, very easily. This greatly improves the air quality that workers breathe in, ensuring their good health and safety in the long run. 

Some roof-mounted exhaust fans come with fans that can be fitted into roof ventilating columns or cowls or cone-shaped, as per the requirements for a wide range of settings.  

Energy Consumption

On average, an industrial exhaust fan consumes between 2 to 30 kW, depending on its size, usage, and the number of hours they are run.

Similarly, the energy consumption depends on the usage, size, and operating hours of the fans. The fans should be turned on during operational hours and turned off after their use. However, for some industrial areas, it can be left open always as per the health and hazard safety requirements for the particular settings.

To optimize this, an exhaust fan should be selected based on the following criteria:

The roof room space 

For small roof room space, an exhaust fan with a small dimension is needed. The ratio of the roof room space and the exhaust fan space should be proportional to each other so that they are compatible with each other. 

For bigger spaces, a medium or a large-sized exhaust fan is required; however, it should be kept in mind that, if you use a large exhaust fan in a medium-sized space, it will not be cost-effective, nor will it be energy efficient. 

The size of the fan

Using fans that are larger than the roof space will cause more energy consumption, making it both cost-ineffective and energy-inefficient. 

This is why the roof mount exhaust fans are manufactured in a way that they can be fitted into roof cowls or have columns outside where natural winds help with the air circulation. Other designs like a cone-shaped one can also be useful. Just like the Roof Mounted Industrial Exhaust Fans of Seraphic Associate.

The speed settings of the fan

The fan’s speed is regulated by the motors that run on horsepower (HP). There are several parts of the motor such as coils, capacitors, and rotors that should be made of high quality, ensuring durability and sustainability of the motor for a long period. The speed of the fan depends on these components. 

Overuse or overheating of the motor can cause it to malfunction, so it has to be routinely checked to ensure it is working fine. 


Installing a roof mount industrial exhaust fan is extremely important in any industry as it not only regulates air quality but also ensures workers’ safety. Having a sound knowledge of the features, design customization, appropriate measurements to fit the roof cavity, and the number of operating hours will help maximize efficiency in the long run.

Investing in premium quality roof mount industrial exhaust fans such as Seraphic Associate’s will ensure cost efficiency, as well as, energy efficiency. 

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