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Axial Blower

Axial Blower

Discover unparalleled air-moving efficiency with our Axial Blower – the epitome of cutting-edge technology in Bangladesh. Seraphic Associates proudly presents the best Axial Blowers and Centrifugal Blowers in Bangladesh, setting a new standard for industrial ventilation. Compact and easy to install, our Axial Blowers outshine other commercial fans, creating low-pressure and high-volume air flow ideal for cooling multi-diverse spaces.

Designed for optimal performance, our Axial Blowers feature a unique grill design that allows multidirectional airflow. Thus they cater to diverse applications, excelling in quick drying, water damage restoration, ventilation, and climate control.

Choose from our range of sizes including – 24”, 36”, 42”, 48”, 56”, and 62”, each crafted with precision from high-quality materials. Trust Seraphic Associates to deliver not just a product but a solution that exceeds expectations. Elevate your industrial air moving experience – choose the best Axial Blower in Bangladesh.

Diameter (Inch) Body Material Blade Material RPM Pressure (Pa) Air flow (m3/hr) Power (Kw)
12” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 2800 144-208 2025-3552 0.37kw-220v, 50hz
16” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 1400 140-206 6025-12239 0.37-1.1kw
18” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 1400 180-250 8500-15000 0.75-1.5kw
24” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 1400 180-250 10000-17500 1.5-2.0kw
30” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 1400 180-300 17000-30000 2.2-3kw
36” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 1400 200-350 25000-35000 4-7.5kw
42” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 960/1400 200-300 36000-54000 4-11kw
48” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 960 200-300 75000-95000 11-15kw
56” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 960 200-300 90000-105000 15-20kw
62” Mild Steel Aluminum Alloy 960 200-300 100000-120000 15-20kw



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