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High Volume Low Speed Fan

High Volume Low Speed Fan

Introducing our Centrifugal In-Line Circular Duct Fan, a superior solution to air circulation in large and wide spaces. Ideal for both commercial and industrial applications, this High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) Fan is designed to optimize heating and cooling efficiency while maintaining a quiet and cost-effective operation.

Engineered with a high-efficiency motor, the HVLS fan ensures a constant and non-disruptive airflow above floor level. The low fan operating speed not only contributes to the quiet operation but also stands out for energy-saving capabilities without compromising performance.

Choose from our range of models, including STOL-1236, STOL-1443, STOL-1649, STOL-1855, STOL-2061, and STOL-2473, each tailored to meet your specific air circulation needs. Experience this convenience and efficiency with one of the most trusted HVLS fan suppliers in Bangladesh, Seraphic Associates – where cutting-edge technology meets practical solutions for improved air circulation.



Blades Motor Kw Air Flow (CFM) Maximum RPM Voltage

12 FT

5/6 Pcs 0.3/0.6kw 102579 88 220V

14 FT

5/6 Pcs 1.0kw 134410 70 220V

16 FT

6 Pcs 1.2kw 166856 65


18 FT 6 Pcs 1.2kw 187965 54


20 FT 6 Pcs 1.5kw 211895 48


24 FT 6 Pcs 1.5kw 262408 43




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