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Desiccant Dehumidifier

Desiccant Dehumidifier

Experience advanced dehumidification with our Desiccant Dehumidifiers, an innovative alternative that sets new standards in moisture control. Unlike traditional refrigerant-based models, desiccant dehumidifiers utilize a desiccant substance and a unique adsorption process – thus eliminating the need for a refrigerant and compressor.

These dehumidifiers, exemplified by models like KC-400SD to KC-2500SD, boast capacities catering to diverse spaces. The process air flow varies from 420m3/hr to 2550m3/hr, ensuring efficient moisture removal. With dimensions designed for flexibility, these units operate flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -15°C to 50°C.

Trust Seraphic Associates for cutting-edge desiccant dehumidifiers that redefine comfort and efficiency in moisture control.


KC-400SD KC-600SD KC-800SD KC-1000SD KC-1200SD KC-1500SD KC-2500SD

Humidifying Capacity

(@20°C, & 60% RH)

2.5 kg/hr 3.5 kg/hr 4.5 kg/hr 7.5 kg/hr 8.5 kg/hr 10 kg/hr 15 kg/hr

Process Air Flow

420 m3/hr 600 m3/hr 850 m3/hr 1100 m3/hr 1250 m3/hr 1550 m3/hr

2550 m3/hr

Inlet Size

100 mm 125 mm 200 mm 200 mm 250 mm 250 mm 400/488*222 mm
Reactivation Air Flow 130 m3/hr 200 m3/hr 260 m3/hr 400 m3/hr 450 m3/hr 580 m3/hr

925 m3/hr

Outlet Size 80 mm 80 mm 125 mm 125 mm 160 mm 160 mm

200 mm

Applied Temperature -15°C-50°C -15°C-50°C -15°C-50°C -15°C-50VC -15°C-50VC -15°C-50VC


Max Power

2.5kw 4.5kw 10kw 11kw 13kw 15kw 24kw

Power Rating

2.0kw 3.8kw 9kw 9kw 11kw 13kw


Voltage 220V/380V 220V/380V 380V 380V 380V 380V



50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Dimensions (mm) 590*420*900 585*415*860 830*640*1220 830*640*1220 970*750*1180 881*696*1234




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