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Duct Type Dehumidifier

Duct Type Dehumidifier

Introducing our Duct Type Dehumidifier, engineered specifically to tackle heavy-duty applications requiring extended operation and extensive area coverage. Made with a meticulous blend of cutting-edge technologies and precision engineering, our industrial dehumidifiers deliver unparalleled efficiency, perfectly suited to withstand the rigors of industrial environments.

Our Duct Type Dehumidifiers represent a groundbreaking solution aimed at maintaining optimal humidity levels across various spaces. With a range of models available, each unit is tailored to offer specific capacities, ensuring versatile dehumidification solutions to meet diverse needs. Whether for residential or industrial applications, our Dehumidifiers operate seamlessly to keep environments dry while prioritizing energy efficiency and performance. 

Seraphic Associates stands as your reliable partner for industrial dehumidifiers in Bangladesh, specializing in delivering customized ventilation solutions for industrial settings. Choose Seraphic Associates today for innovative solutions that elevate comfort and productivity in any setting!


HADD-80 C HADD-120 C

Humidity Removal

(@30°C. & 80% RH)

2000 Liter / Day 3000 Liter / Day


45000w 75000w


60/50 60/50
Voltage 380V


Air Flow 22400 m3/hr

36300 m3/hr

Size (cm) (L*W*H) 300*200*80


Refrigerant Gas R410a/R407c




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