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Wall Mounted Axial Fan With Square Body

Wall Mounted Axial Fan With Square Body

Transform your air circulation strategy with our Wall Mounted Axial Fan featuring a Square Body – a fusion of robust functionality and elegant design crafted to streamline air movement. Engineered meticulously, these fans serve dual purposes as both aspirators and ventilators, catering to the diverse requirements of your surroundings.

Designed for maximum efficiency, our Wall Mounted Axial Fans excel in moving large volumes of air at minimal pressure, making them perfect for ventilating various environments. With square inlet cones, our models epitomize innovation.

At Seraphic Associates, our Wall Mounted Axial Fans with Square Bodies epitomize efficiency, durability, and performance. Elevate your space with our cutting-edge models designed to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discover the perfect solution for transforming your environment.


Specification of Wall Mounted Axial Fan

Model Voltage








Flow Rate


Noise Level


KDAXIS 300 230 50 163 2550 2025 54
KDAXIS 350 230 50 240 2250 3110 58
Values Are For 0Pa.



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