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KAP Mixed Flow In Line Fan

KAP Mixed Flow In Line Fan

Experience the pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in residential and light commercial ventilation with our KAP-Mixed Flow In-Line Fan. These fans offer both air supply and exhaust functionalities, making them the perfect solution for challenging heating or cooling scenarios.

The unique mixed-flow design allows for airflow in both axial and radial directions, providing higher working pressures ideal for long and complex duct runs. Our KAP series boasts powerful performance coupled with remarkably quiet operation, ensuring optimal airflow with minimal noise disruption. With a range of capacities to suit diverse applications, our KAP-Mixed Flow In-Line Fans adhere to rigorous standards such as IEC-60335-2-80 and ISO 1940-1.

Trust Seraphic Associates to deliver industry-standard ventilation solutions tailored to your requirements. Choose our KAP-Mixed Flow In-Line Fan for superior airflow and ease of installation in Bangladesh today!











Flow Rate


Noise Level


KAP 100

230 50 54 2148 203 31

KAP 125

230 50 56 2190 298 32

KAP 150

230 50 75 2110 444 33
KAP 160 230 50 75 2137 490


KAP 200 230 50 111 2410 1012


KAP 250 230 50 280 2460 1350


Values are for 0 Pa.



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