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Axial Jet Fan

Axial Jet Fan

Our Axial Jet Fan is the best solution for basement ventilation in Bangladesh. Ideal for multi-story and underground car parks, our Axial Jet Fans are engineered to best induce air movement in enclosed spaces. These fans provide efficient day-to-day ventilation at low costs, deliver optimal performance, and ensure smoke extraction across various temperature ranges.

Choose from our range of models, including K-JAXI 315, K-JAXI 355, K-JAXI 400, K-JAXI 450, and K-JAXI 500, each offering varying air speeds and motor powers to suit your specific ventilation needs. Designed for general-purpose ventilation in underground parking, semi-opened parking, and tunnels, our Axial Jet Fans elevate your ventilation systems to enhance the airflow in enclosed spaces. So contact Seraphic Associates today for the best Axial Jet Fan for basement ventilation in Bangladesh.




Flow Rate


Air Speed


Thrust Force




Motor Power


Noise Level


K-JAXI 315 2600-5200 100-200 9-36 1500-3000 0.20-0.80 71-85
K-JAXI 355 3650-7300 109-219 14-56 1500-3000 0.37-1.50 74-87
K-JAXI 400 5200-10400 122-244 22-88 1500-3000 0.50-2.20 76-90
K-JAXI 450 7250-14500 133-266 32-128 1500-3000 0.80-3.10 79-93
K-JAXI 450 9550-19100 141-282 45-180 1500-3000 1.10-4.40




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