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Circulation Fan

Circulation Fan

Circulation fans play a pivotal role in creating a uniform indoor environment by efficiently mixing air and preventing temperature and humidity differences. Our Circulation Fan is meticulously designed to ventilate any indoor atmosphere. Our industrial air circulator fans in Bangladesh are meticulously designed to ventilate any indoor atmosphere.

Our comprehensive range of Circulation fans, including models like WCF 500 and WCF 600, offers energy-efficient solutions. Specifically designed to distribute air evenly, these fans provide vertical or horizontal airflows, enhancing temperature uniformity. In addition, our Circulation Fan is a reliable choice during hot periods, creating a wind-chill effect to keep spaces and occupants cool. To maximize the efficiency of air mixing, it is crucial to position the fans in the air stream, ensuring an uninterrupted flow from fan to fan.

Made from durable stainless steel, our Circulation Fan prioritizes longevity and performance. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and efficiency with Seraphic Associates. Choose our industrial air circulator fan to transform your indoor atmosphere!



Outer Diameter Power RPM Air Flow (CMH) Noise (db) Material

WCF 500

500 mm 0.2kw, 380V, 50hz 1400 5700 65 Stainless Steel
WCF 600 600 mm 0.37kw, 380V, 50hz 1400 10000 65

Stainless Steel


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