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Centrifugal In Line Circular Duct Fan

Centrifugal In Line Circular Duct Fan

Our Centrifugal In-Line Circular Duct Fan is a versatile solution catering to residential, commercial, and industrial spaces in Bangladesh. Circular duct fan price in Bangladesh is a concern and our competitive pricing ensures that you receive top-notch performance without compromising your budget.

Designed for a wide range of applications, these fans boast an optimized impeller and outlet diffuser. This not only enhances performance but also reduces sound levels. Perfect for ventilation systems in various premises, including kitchens and offices, our Centrifugal In-Line Circular Duct Fans come in different models to suit your specific needs. From the K-RAD 100 to the K-RAD 315, each model offers a combination of voltage, frequency, power, revolution, and flow rate, providing a tailored solution for every application.

Seraphic Associates is your go-to source for premium ventilation solutions in Bangladesh. Contact us to explore our circular duct fan options and experience the perfect blend of efficiency and affordability in air ventilation.











Flow Rate


Noise Level


K-RAD 100

230 50 80 2600 290 47

K-RAD 125

230 50 80 2600 410 47

K-RAD 150

230 50 85 2600 700 50

K-RAD 160

230 50 85 2600 710 51

K-RAD 200

230 50 122 2675 1000 52
K-RAD 250 230 50 145 2685 1120


K-RAD 315 230 50 210 2615 1750


Values are for 0 Pa.


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